Error: Planner CS timed out while waiting for a lock...


You may see the following error message when opening Planner CS if Planner CS closed unexpectedly and the connection to the plan lock was lost.

Error message

Planner CS timed out while waiting for a lock on SYSTEM.UDX or CLIENT.UDX


Clear locks

  1. Close any open plans, and ensure that Planner CS is closed on all other computers on the network.
  2. Choose Help > Clear Locks and select Clear all locks.
  3. Click the Clear Locks button.

If you still receive the error, clear the lock manually.

  1. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\$UTPSYS\$UTPCID on your network, where X is the mapped drive or network location where Planner CS is installed.
  2. Search for a file name that contains the plan ID of the locked plan, and delete the file.
  3. Click Yes.

Verify permissions

If you continue to receive the error after clearing locks, you may not have full permissions in the $UTPSYS folder. Your IT professional should refer to Permissions guidelines for the CS Professional Suite for more information.

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