Planner CS trial version capabilities

Alerts and notices

The trial version of Planner CS has the following capabilities and limitations.

  • Create up to two plans: Use the pre-installed sample plan and create one new plan.
  • Create federal and state scenarios: All federal and state calculations are available.
  • Print to FileCabinet CS: If you have licensed and installed FileCabinet CS, you can print forms, reports, and more to FileCabinet CS.
  • Import from UltraTax/1040: If you have licensed and installed UltraTax/1040, you can import federal data into Planner CS.
  • Import from GoSystem Tax RS: If you have installed GoSystem Tax RS, you can import federal data into Planner CS.

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Internal notes

Additional notes about the trial version of Planner CS:

  • CS Connect is available on the trial version.
  • Update Plan list will be grayed out.
  • To import from GST, the file needs to present.

If our users complain about the 2 plan limitation, be creative... some suggestions are listed below:

  • Add a new alternative and do not copy from existing alternatives.
  • Delete all the alternatives, except for the new one.
  • Export from UT into the existing plan, which is essentially now a blank plan.
  • You really can recycle the Trial client, which should be adequate to get a feel for the product.

FYI - Regarding Passage of Any Legislation

  • Upon passage of any legislation that affects any or all tax years, Planner CS is updated as soon as possible.

  • EVERY year in September or October, Planner CS is updated for the previous year's release for the annually pronounced indexed amounts based on CPI (Consumer Price Index). Our users do not have to wait until the November release for this change. States are a case by case basis. Just to clarify, Planner CS releases a CS Connect update that includes the newly announced CPI-adjusted Federal tax tables each year shortly after the US Dept of Labor releases its CPI.

  • Again, in addition to the guaranteed Sept/Oct update, Development rolls out interim patches throughout the year on a frequency dictated by the impact of the legislative activity (e.g. at the state level minor legislative tweaks with arguably immaterial impact on plan projections might be held for awhile and released in a batch to reduce the # of trivial CS Connect patches. However, significant legislation receives very high priority.