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The menu bar at the top of the Client Letter window provides menus from which you can choose commands for performing various tasks or accessing different areas in the client letter writer. The following table summarizes the commands available in these menus.

Menu Commands
File Add, open, and save client letters; print and preview the client letter; and close the client letter writer.
Planner Data Insert plan data into a client letter or update plan data that has been inserted.
Edit Undo your last edit; cut, copy, and paste text; delete text; select all text in the client letter.
View Choose to view grid lines, header text, body text, footer text, or field code names.
Insert Insert date and/or time, symbols, tables, other files, and images.
Format Modify paragraph alignment, borders, bullets, the entire page, and tabs; choose to display header text within page margins; choose to display table lines in gray (instead of black); and choose how to display headers and footers.
Help Access the Help & How-To Center, where you can to find extensive information about using Planner CS.

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