Creating a custom report

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In addition to the large library of predefined standard reports included in Planner CS (such as plan summaries, tax analysis, and itemized deductions), you can also create and edit custom reports using the Planner CS Custom Report Designer.

  1. Choose Reports > Custom Reports to open the Custom Report Designer dialog.
  2. Click the Add button and enter a name for the new custom report in the Name field.
  3. In the Module pane, highlight the module that contains the data you want to use.
  4. The Buttons / Tabs pane lists all of the buttons and tabs contained in the plan. Click the appropriate button name, and then highlight the tab name that contains the variables you want to include in the custom report. All the rows in the selected tab are now listed in the Available Rows pane.
  5. To include a row in the custom report, you can:
    • Select the row in the Available Rows pane and then click the Select button to move it to the Selected Rows pane.
    • Double-click the row in the Available Rows pane to move it to the Selected Rows pane.
    • Click the Select All button to move all the rows listed in the Available Rows pane to the Selected Rows pane.
  6. To reorder the variables displayed in the Selected Rows pane, highlight the row and use the up and down arrows to move it to the desired location.
  7. To customize the appearance of rows in the report, click the User Selected option and then mark the desired checkboxes. A preview of the rows' attributes will be visible in the Selected Rows pane.
  8. Click the Enter button to save the new report.
  9. Click the Close button to close the dialog.
  10. To print your custom report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports dialog, click the Print Selection button, click the Custom Reports tab, and mark the checkbox next to the name of your new report. Click OK in the Print Selection dialog and then click the Print button in the Print Reports dialog.

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