Selecting the alternatives and years to include in a report or graph

Alerts and notices

You can select which alternatives and years to print for the open plan. The option you select applies to all reports/graphs currently selected for printing.

In the Alternatives/Years to print group box of the Print Reports dialog, click one of the following options:

  • All columns - Click this option to print all alternatives and years in the plan, including those you chose to hide in the main data-entry window.
  • Current plan view - Click this option to print only the alternatives and/or years displayed in the plan's main data-entry window, excluding those years and/or alternatives you chose to hide.
  • Custom - Click this option, and then click the Select columns button to select the years and/or alternatives you want to print. (For more information, see Creating a custom list of years and alternatives.) When you have selected all of the years and alternatives you want to include, click OK to close the Custom Alternatives/Years to Print dialog.

Note: Click the Preview button to preview the report before printing.

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