Result Finder dialog

The Result Finder is a feature that automatically varies the dollar amount of a selected federal data entry field until the desired result of a selected federal calculated field is found.

To open the Result Finder, choose Tools > Result Finder. In the Result Finder - Column Selection dialog, choose an alternative and year and click OK.

You can use the Result Finder in two ways: Solve mode and Step mode.

  • Solve mode allows you to indicate a desired amount for a selected calculated field. The Result Finder then solves for the dollar value needed for one or two selected data entry fields in order to achieve that desired amount.
  • Step mode allows you to see the effect that incremental changes in the values of one or two selected data entry fields will have on a selected calculated field.

After you run the Result Finder, you will have the option to transfer data entry values to your plan.

Tabs in this dialog

Solve Mode tab

Step Mode tab

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