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Use the Import Tips dialog to view tips related to imported data. The Import Tips dialog appears automatically after importing data if certain calculated differences between the source client data and the plan have been detected by Planner CS.

To open this dialog, choose View > Diagnostics > Import Tips while you are in the plan for which you would like to view import tips.

Fields & buttons

This pane lists tips regarding imported data for the open plan. Click a tip in the Import Tips pane to view a detailed description about the tip. If data can be entered or modified in Planner CS to address a tip, clicking the tip will open the data-entry screen where related changes can be made. If the tip is related to a business activity, clicking the tip will open the Business Activities dialog which will identify the specific activity associated with the tip. You can also right-click a tip and choose Acknowledge to move the tip to the Acknowledged section. Or, right-click an acknowledged tip and choose Revert to active diagnostic from the context menu to return the tip to an unacknowledged status.

This pane provides a tip description when a tip is clicked in the Import Tips pane.

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