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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
10/10/18 Platform Notice Notice 10/10/18 Notice Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief

Thomson Reuters offers assistance for customers affected by a disaster. To read more about the program and what it includes, see Disaster Recovery Assistance. If you need to participate in this program, call 800.968.8900.

10/1/18 Platform N/A Fixed 10/1/18 Notice Fixed -, Onvio, and multi-factor authentication issue

Update - This issue has been corrected.

We are currently experiencing techinical difficulties that may affect Virtual Office CS and SaaS, multi-factor authentication, and Onvio. The appropriate teams are aware and are working to resolve as quickly as possible We apologize for any inconvenience. See the online product status page for updated information.

09/13/18 Calculations 17.3.0 Notice 09/13/18 Notice Minor Child Tax Calculations are Disabled
The Minor Child (Kiddie) tax calculations have been disabled in Planner CS for plan years 2018 - 2025.  As part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the estate/trust ordinary and capital gains tax rates will apply to unearned income of a minor child instead of the parent's tax rate. Planner CS will be updated in future to comply with these new IRS rules once additional guidance is received.
09/12/18 Platform Notice Notice 09/12/18 Notice Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

Thomson Reuters offers assistance for customers affected by a disaster. To read more about the program and what it includes, see Disaster Recovery Assistance. If you need to participate in this program, call 800.968.8900.

09/12/18 Platform 17.3.2 Notice 09/12/18 Notice Planner will not launch after applying an update
The problem occurs because the installer fails to update one or more program files in the WinCSI\UTP folder.  The program files that typically cause the problem are these three: UTP.exe, FDutp.ll, or ThomsonReuters.Authenticator.Desktop.dll. See the TFS referenced here for full details and troubleshooting steps.
8/20/18 All Notice Notice 8/20/18 N/A Thomson Reuters Authenticator app update for Android devices

The Thomson Reuters Authenticator app version 1.3.140 was released for Android devices in the Google Play Store and the Amazon Store. The update configures Android devices with OS version 5.0 and lower to use the updated security and encryption of TLS v1.2. Android devices with OS version 5.0 and higher are pre-configured with these security settings and are not affected by this update.

08/09/18 Platform N/A Notice 08/09/18 N/A User experience enhancements for CS Professional Suite

As a CS Professional Suite customer, we are informing you that as part of our ongoing efforts to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape, in early August 2018 we will update UltraTax CS to include multi-factor authentication (MFA) user experience improvements, enhancements to our file encryption-at-rest process, and updates for global data privacy requirements. This update follows our implementation of MFA in all CS Professional Suite products in February 2017, with further enhancements in 2018 including requiring MFA to electronically file tax returns. This update will require no action on your part.

There will be an "Encrypting data sharing" dialog that appears the first time a customer opens UltraTax 2017. If customers ask about this dialog, our positioning statement is: "This is part of our file encryption-at-rest process enhancements related to this update." This is a one-time process that will take 3 seconds/client for desktop installations and a little longer for VO/SaaS.

With this update, data sharing information out of UltraTax CS 2017 to other CS applications will be collected and held until an update later this month, at which point the information collected will be data shared as usual. Prior versions of UltraTax (16 and earlier) will not data share to or from other CS applications in any environment.

As part of this update, customers may be prompted to update .NET framework or their web browser. If so, have them follow the prompts on their screen. Customers will be given a link to Installing an updated .NET Framework. Direct customers to their IT professional if they need additional assistance updating .NET or their web browser.

11/06/17 Platrorm 2017.1.0 Verified 08/10/18 N/A Planner CS .DOC client letters may print double-spaced

Letters in .DOC format may print double-spaced, creating a two-page letter instead of a one-page letter. This is a known issue and there is no known workaround, other than to use a .RTF letter instead of the.DOC client letters.

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