Composing an invoice

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Use the Compose tab of the Detail Billing screen to change the appearance of the invoice that you send to your client. You can see how the invoice detail will appear on the invoice, change text formatting and alignment, add and remove rows of text, and rearrange blocks of text in the invoice as needed. See Compose toolbar for information on the toolbar buttons.

Note: Changes that you make to your custom invoice formats will not affect invoices that you have previously composed and saved. To have custom invoice format changes appear on an invoice that you have already composed, edit the invoice, click the Refresh Refresh button button in the Compose tab of the Detail Billing screen, compose the invoice again, and re-save the invoice before you print it.

You can also edit amounts on the Compose tab if the following conditions exist:

  • The sum of the edited amounts equals their subtotal, and
  • The sum of subtotals equals the total billed amount from the Summary tab of the Detail Billing screen.

Note: The application will verify totals only for amounts that are entered in fields designated as Amount fields. These are fields that automatically fill with 0.00 when you add a new row and that accept only numbers. The application does not validate amounts that you enter in a free-form text row.

Rearranging rows and sections

You can click and drag a row or section to move it up or down on the invoice.

  1. Click a row or section. When you select a row or section, a selection handle Selection icon that has arrows in all directions appears in the upper-left corner.
  2. Click the selection handle Selection icon that has arrows in all directions, and hold down the left mouse button.
  3. Drag the section up or down the screen until a solid line appears between two arrows Placement icon that has two arrows pointing inward at each other, which shows you where the section will be placed.
  4. Release the left mouse button to drop the row or section into the new location.

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