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When you want to quickly bill clients or engagements at a summary level, use Quick Bill.

  1. Open the Billing screen (Actions > Billing).
  2. Mark the checkboxes for the clients or engagements that you want to bill.
  3. Click the Quick Bill Selected button to open the Quick Bill screen.
  4. In the Generate using invoice date field, select the date you want to use as the invoice date.
  5. You can enter an amount in either the Billed or the Adjusted field, and the application will complete the other field for you.

    Note: If the bill amount is less than the time or expense amount and the Adjusted field is 0.00, the remaining amount will appear in the Carryover field. This remaining amount will be available the next time you bill the client. The Carryover cannot be less than 0.

  6. If you need to bill individual WIP items, you can click the Expand button button to view and work with the WIP detail for the selected client engagement.
  7. When you are finished entering the billing amounts, click the Generate Invoices button.


    • If the clients you have quick billed are part of a client family, Practice CS will generate a single invoice for the parent client.
    • After you generate the invoice, the invoice appears on the Review tab.

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