Deleting an invoice

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Use the Review tab of the Billing screen to delete (unbill) an invoice that has not already been approved and posted. To delete an invoice, follow these steps.

Note for former users of Creative Solutions Practice

If you are a former user of Creative Solutions Practice (CSP), this process was called unbilling an invoice (Tasks > Billing > Unbill). There are some differences between deleting an invoice in CSP and Practice CS.
  • In CSP, you had to be in the period in which the invoice was dated. In Practice CS, you do not have to be in that period. You can delete any invoice while in the current period if you have security permission to do so.
  • In CSP, the Unbill process unposted the invoice and put it on review. In Practice CS, this would be the same as unposting and unapproving the invoice.
  • In CSP, to fully delete the invoice and return the WIP to being not billed, you first unbill the invoice. You then select the invoice in the Invoices on Review screen, right-click, and choose Cancel Selected. In Practice CS, to fully delete the invoice and return the WIP to being not billed, you first unapprove and unpost the invoice, and then delete it from the Review screen as described below.
  1. Choose Actions > Billing > Review tab.
  2. If necessary, adjust the filter so the invoice appears on the Review tab. If you use the approval/posting process, clear the Unapproved only and Unposted only checkboxes in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Mark the checkbox for the invoice that you want to delete.
  4. Right-click and choose Delete Selected.


    • If the invoice is posted, you must first unpost it by right-clicking anywhere and choosing Unapprove Selected.
    • If a receipt or credit memo is applied to the invoice, you will receive a message that the invoice could not be modified. Click OK, and then unapply the receipt or adjustment from the invoice. You can then finish unposting and deleting the invoice. For more information, See How to unapply a receipt or credit memo from an invoice.
    • There is no record of deleted invoices.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

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