Editing an invoice

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You can use the Review tab of the Billing screen to make further changes to an invoice before you approve or post it.

Follow these steps to edit an invoice.

  1. Choose Actions > Billing.
  2. Click the Review tab.
  3. Mark the checkbox for each invoice that you want to edit.
  4. Right-click and choose Open Selected from the context menu.


    • If the invoice has one or more receipts applied to it, you must first unapply the receipts. A prompt will open to show the control dates on which the receipts were entered.
    • If you are using the approval process for billing, and the invoice has been approved and / or posted, you must first unapprove and unpost the invoice. The staff ID of the person who approved / posted the invoice is shown in the Approved by and Posted by fields.
    • Staff with security privileges to approve and post invoices can edit some of the information on invoices that have already been approved and/or posted without unapproving or unposting them first. To do so, unmark the Unapproved only and Unposted only checkboxes, and then select the invoices that have been approved and/or posted.
    • If you printed the invoice to NetClient CS, you must first delete the invoice from NetClient CS by right-clicking and choosing Remove from NetClient CS. You will receive an alert asking you if you want to remove the invoice from NetClient CS.
  5. The selected invoice opens in the Detail Billing screen (regardless of which billing method you used to create the invoice), where you can make the desired changes.


    • If you change the invoice format, you will lose any changes made in the Compose screen.
    • If you originally selected some but not all of the engagements when the original invoice was generated, unbilled WIP for all of the client’s engagements will appear on the Time & Expense Entry tab when you open the invoice from the Review screen. If you now bill an item on the Time & Expense tab that was not billed before, the order of items on the Compose screen will be restored to the default.
  6. Click Save to save your changes. Practice CS returns you to the Review tab.

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