Opening a firm database

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Use the login dialog to select a firm database and enter your login information.

  1. Start Practice CS by clicking the Start button on the Windows taskbar and choosing Programs > CS Professional Suite > Practice CS. Or, double-click the Practice CS icon on your desktop.

    Note: You can also access the Open Firm dialog after starting the application by choosing File > Open Firm.

  2. In the Open Firm field, select a firm ID from the drop-down list.
  3. In the Staff ID field, enter your login ID.
  4. If necessary, enter your password in the Password field.


    • You need to enter a password only if your database is secure. To secure the database, your firm administrator must mark the Enable Firm Security checkbox in the Firm setup screen.
    • If you want the application to remember your login ID and password so that you do not have to enter them each time you start Practice CS, mark the Remember login information checkbox. The Remember login information checkbox is available only if your firm administrator has marked the Allow Users to Remember Logons checkbox in the Firm setup screen.
    • When you want to change your password, click the Change password button.
  5. When finished entering your login information, click OK to open the firm database.

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