Practice CS keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts are special keys (such as F1 and ESC) that you use either alone or in combination with SHIFT, CTRL, or CTRL+SHIFT. These keyboard shortcuts enable you to access various types of help and execute certain menu commands.

The following table describes the function of common keys or key combinations in Practice CS.

Key or key combination Action
ALT+F4 Closes the application
ALT+F1 Adds and removes the Navigation Pane
ALT+F Opens the File menu
ALT+E Opens the Edit menu
ALT+V Opens the View menu
ALT+O Opens the Actions menu
ALT+S Opens the Setup menu
ALT+T Opens the Tools menu
ALT+H Opens the Help menu
CTRL+P Opens the Print Reports screen
CTRL+T Opens the Time & Expense Entry screen
CTRL+B Opens the Billing screen
CTRL+R Opens the Receipt & Adjustment Entry screen
CTRL+SHIFT+H Enables default terminology
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+Y Opens the Practice CS Help & How-To Center
F1 Opens the Practice CS Help & How-To Center
F5 Refreshes the current screen
F7 Checks spelling
SHIFT+F10 Displays context menu commands
Space bar Opens a screen or dialog

Note: You can press the space bar on the keyboard to open screens and dialogs or to start a timer. Press the TAB key to select a button or icon (for example, the More More button button) and then press the space bar to click it instead of using the mouse.

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