Setting up a Firm News Feed custom portlet

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With a Firm News Feed custom portlet, you can post items of interest to your employees, which can be shown in a portlet on any dashboard.

  1. On the Custom Portlets setup screen, click the Add button to add a new portlet.
  2. In the Description field, enter a name for the portlet. This name will appear in the Select Portlets dialog and in the portlet’s title bar.
  3. In the Type field, select Firm News Feed.
  4. To create a news portlet that can be viewed by all firm employees, verify that the Allow others to view this portlet checkbox is marked.When this checkbox is not marked, only the staff member who creates the portlet will be able to view it.
  5. In the News Feed Items tab, click the Add button to create a news item.
  6. In the Description field of the News Feed Items tab, enter a description or "headline" for the news item.
  7. If you want the news item headline to link to a web or intranet page, enter the page’s address in the Address field, or click the Address Address button button and create the link. When a staff member clicks the headline, the linked page will open in the default web browser.
  8. In the Date field, accept the date and time supplied by Practice CS or enter a custom date and time.
  9. Enter text for the news item in the Content pane. Toolbar buttons are provided to enable you to change text formatting and insert hyperlinks. For line breaks, press SHIFT+ENTER.
  10. If you want to include an attachment in the news item, such as a document or spreadsheet, enter a title for the attachment in the Title field.
  11. Click the Address Address button button next to the Address field to choose the file, email address, or web address for the attachment.
  12. Choose the type of attachment in the Type field. Your selection determines which icon accompanies the attachment title in the news item.

    Note: An attachment is always placed at the bottom of the news feed item. You can insert one attachment per item.

  13. Click the Enter button on the News Feed Items tab to save the news item.
  14. Click the Enter button at the bottom of the Custom Portlets setup screen to save the Firm News Feed portlet.

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