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To open the Practice CS guides, you must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 or higher installed.

Note: If you don’t have the current version or if you have difficulty opening the guides, you can download and install the latest version of the Adobe Reader from the Downloads page of the Adobe website.


Title Contents
Getting Started Provides detailed instructions for installing the application, a brief introduction to features available in Practice CS, and information on setting up the application to suit your firm’s needs.
Sample Reports Describes how to create, preview, and print reports; provides sample printouts and a brief description for each kind of report available in Practice CS.
CSP / Practice CS Reports Comparison Matches reports from Creative Solutions Practice (CSP) with corresponding reports from Practice CS, with notes on how to obtain similar results from Practice CS reports.


Title Contents
Accounts Receivable Describes how to enter receipts and adjustments, assess service charges, print statements, and edit custom statement formats, using hands-on exercises and sample data.
Billing Describes various methods you can use for billing your clients in Practice CS using hands-on exercises and sample data; also shows how to generate invoices and create custom invoice formats.
Client Management module Describes the process of managing your firm’s relationships with its clients using the Practice CS Client Management add-on module, which enables you to track interactions with clients and contacts, analyze why your firm wins and loses clients, and synchronize contacts between Practice CS and Microsoft Outlook.
Custom Formatting Provides instructions and examples for adding and modifying custom reports, invoices and statements using the Custom Formats screen and the format designer. Also includes letter and label examples.
Project Management module Provides an understanding of the project management workflow in Practice CS and describes how to create project and task templates, use notifications to track projects, use the dashboards to manage project information, update project information during time entry, and analyze projects using Practice CS reports.
Staff Management module Describes how to use the module to manage staff workload, scheduling, assignments, target hours, and benefits.
Time & Expense Entry Describes how to enter time and expenses in Practice CS using hands-on exercises and sample data.

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