Using the Task Selection dialog to update projects and tasks

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  1. In the Time & Expense Entry screen, select the client and engagement for the time or expense transaction you are entering.
  2. In the Project field, select the project that you want to update from the drop-down list.

    Note: This field is available only if you are licensed for the Project Management module.

  3. Click the Folder with green checkmark button next to the Project field to open the Task Selection dialog.

    Note: If you would like to have this dialog open automatically during Time & Expense Entry, choose Setup > User Preferences, click the Time & Expense Entry tab, and mark the Auto display Task selection checkbox.

  4. From the grid, select the task that you want to update for the time or expense entry.


    • The grid shows only tasks assigned to you. If you would like to see others’ tasks and/or unassigned tasks, mark the Show all tasks checkbox.
    • If your firm is licensed for the Staff Management module, the grid also shows tasks from the work queue for which you are qualified.
  5. Change the Project Information (Priority or Tracking status), Due Date extension, and/or the Actual Started and Completed Dates for the task, as needed.
  6. Click OK to return to the Time & Expense Entry screen.

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