Setting print options for reports

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You can customize Practice CS reports by specifying date ranges, filters, and sorting and grouping options for various criteria. Many reports also allow you to include or exclude certain information as needed and insert page breaks between groupings. Use the Selection and Layout tabs to define these criteria before printing.

Note: Options in these tabs vary depending on the report you have selected.

To set report options, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > Print Reports.
  2. In the Print Reports screen, select a report from the list of reports.
  3. The Description field at the top of the screen shows the default name that will print on the report. If you want to give the report a different name, enter it in the Description override field.

    Note: Text that you enter in this field is displayed in the Selected Reports pane, in the Profiles section of the Print Reports screen, as the report title, and used as the name when printing to FileCabinet CS, GoFileRoom, to a file, or to an email message.

  4. Click the Selection tab.
  5. Dates: Select the date for the report.
    • Report date: Select Today's Date, Period End Date, Prior Period End Date, or Custom. If you select Custom, click the Down arrow button in the field next to the Report date field and select a date from the drop-down calendar.
    • Detail line: Certain reports include a detail line that you can select to show data for the period-to-date, year-to-date, previous-year-to-date, and so on. Some reports also include a detail line 2 that you can select to show a comparison between a current date range and a previous date range.
  6. Filtering: If necessary, select one or more items by which to filter information on the report. Items available in the drop-down lists change depending on the report you have selected. See Filtering your data for more information on creating and using filters in Practice CS.
  7. Click the Layout tab to group and sort data on the report.
    • Group by: You can choose up to three levels of grouping for certain reports. Each grouping level on the printed report will have a header and a footer, with the footer containing subtotals. For the selected level, you can also choose whether to sort in ascending or descending order.
    • Detail by: From the drop-down list, select a level of detail for the report. For the selected level, you can choose an item to sort by and whether to sort in ascending or descending order.
    • Print Cover Sheet: When this checkbox is marked, the report will include a cover sheet that lists all of the options selected for the report.

    Note: Some reports have additional checkboxes that allow you to include or exclude information specific to that report.

When you have finished selecting options for the report, click the Preview Selected button to preview the report, or click Print Selected to print the report.


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