Assigning staff to security groups

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If your firm uses the security features in Practice CS, you can assign staff to custom security groups to set permissions for various Practice CS features.

If your firm enables security in Practice CS, you must assign each staff member to at least one security group. Staff who are not assigned to a security group will not be able to log in to Practice CS.

For more information on setting up security groups, see Setting up security groups.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose Staff.
  2. Click the Security tab.

    Note: This tab is available only if the Enable Firm Security checkbox is marked on the Preferences tab of the Firm setup screen.

  3. To select a staff member, click the staff ID in the Staff list or enter it in the Search field.
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. In the Member of groups list, mark the checkbox for a security group to assign all the security privileges for that group to the selected staff member.


    • The Member of groups list contains all security groups currently set up in the application. Security groups are created in the Security Groups dialog (Setup > Security Groups). If no security groups are selected in the Staff Security tab, the staff member will not be able to log in to the application.
    • When you select a security group, privileges for that group will appear in the Privileges tree.
    • Staff members can belong to multiple security groups. If there is a security conflict between groups (that is, if one group has the privilege and the other does not), the staff member will be granted the privilege.
    • If you have security permission, you can add, edit, or delete security groups by right-clicking the list and selecting from the context menu.
  6. To reset the staff member’s password, click the Reset Password button (or press Alt+R). Clicking this button clears the user’s password, and enables the user to enter a new password when next opening Practice CS.

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