Importing custom formats

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Practice CS enables you to import custom report, invoice, statement, letter, and label formats. To import a format, it must first have been exported from Practice CS using the Export Custom Formats screen, and will be a file with a .CFX file extension. If you create a custom format in another database and want to move it to your firm database, the export/import process will let you do that.

To import custom formats, follow these steps. This procedure assumes that you have one or more .CFX files ready to import.

  1. Choose File > Import > Custom Formats to open the Import Custom Formats dialog.
  2. Click the More Ellipse button next to the Format folder field and navigate to the folder where the .CFX file you want to import resides and click Open.


    • In this step, we recommend that you select a folder and click Open, rather than selecting the .CFX file itself. One you open the folder, you will be able to select the desired file or files in the Import Custom Formats dialog.
    • If you’re running Practice CS through Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), you can navigate to files on your local network.
  3. In the Import Custom Formats dialog, mark the Remove Imported Files checkbox if you want the original .CFX files to be deleted after the import.
  4. In the list of available formats, mark the checkbox next to each format you want to import.
  5. Click the Import Selected button. The imported formats will appear on the Custom Formats screen and the appropriate Print screen (Print Reports, Print Labels & Letters, or Print Invoices & Statements).

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