Setting up recurring bill descriptions

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Your firm may use many variations on recurring bills for different clients and engagements. Practice CS allows you to describe these variations using Recurring Bill Descriptions. You can then select these descriptions when you are setting up an engagement for a client for work that you bill on a recurring basis.

Adding a Recurring Bill Description

  1. From the Setup menu, choose Recurring Bill Descriptions.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. In the Description field, enter a name that describes the type of recurring bill.

    Example: If you have a client for whom you perform monthly write-up work, enter Monthly write-up client.

  4. Click the Enter button to save the description.

Deleting a Recurring Bill Description

To delete a Recurring Bill Description, click the description in the list and then click the Delete button.

Note: If the description has been assigned to any client engagements, you will not be allowed to delete it.

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