Assigning entities to a project template

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Use the Associated Entities dialog to assign client entities to a project template.

  1. To open the Associated Entities dialog, choose Setup > Templates > Projects.
  2. In the Project Templates screen, click the Add button (for new templates) or Edit button (to update an existing template).
  3. Click the More Ellipse button next to the Associated Entities field.
  4. In the Associated Entities dialog, click an entity in the left pane and then click the Select button to assign it to the project template. Click the Select All button if you would like to assign all entities to the template. Click the Remove button to remove any entities that you do not want to assign to the template.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog.
  6. Click the Enter button to save the project template.

When you assign an entity to a client during client setup (Setup > Clients), the application will prompt you if projects are associated with the entity. You can then choose whether or not to assign the associated projects and/or additional projects to the client.

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