Setting up tracking descriptions

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Tracking descriptions indicate the status of your firm’s projects and tasks (if your firm is licensed for the Project Management module) and to-do items (if your firm is licensed for the Staff Management module). Descriptions such as Not Started, In Process, and Completed help you follow the flow of projects, tasks, and to-do items through your office. You can create an unlimited number of tracking descriptions in Practice CS.

To set up tracking descriptions, follow these steps.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose Tracking Descriptions.

    Note: This menu command is only available if you are licensed for the Project Management module and/or Staff Management module and have security permission to access tracking descriptions.

  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Enter a description from one to 30 alphanumeric characters in length.

    Note: The tracking descriptions Cancelled, Completed, Not Started, and Started are required by the application and cannot be changed or deleted.

  4. Click the Enter button to save the tracking description.

Tracking descriptions are available from the Tracking drop-down list when you are creating or updating information for projects, tasks, or to-do items.

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