Entering Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course information

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Use the CPE Course dialog to track course information such as description, sponsor, dates, credits, cost, and so on.

To open the CPE Course dialog, do one of the following.

  • Click the down arrow next to the Add button on the Practice CS toolbar and select CPE Course from the drop-down list.
  • Right-click the timeline in the Schedules or Schedule Items tab of the Manage Staff screen and choose Add CPE Course from the context menu.

Note: These commands are available only if you are licensed for the Staff Management module and have security privileges to set up schedule items.

To enter a CPE course, follow these steps.

  1. Description: Enter a course description of up to 30 characters (required).
  2. Sponsor: Select the CPE course provider from the drop-down list (required). Items in this list come from entries in Setup > CPE Course Sponsors.
  3. Delivery Format: Select one of the available delivery formats from the drop-down list (required).
  4. Start time / End time: Enter the start and end times for the course.
  5. Hours: The application calculates this field based on the start date/time and end date/time you enter.
  6. All day event: Mark this checkbox if you want the assigned staff member’s calendar blocked out for the entire day, regardless of how many hours long the course is. For an all-day event, the default for the Hours field is 8.00, but you can enter a different number, if necessary.
  7. Accountancy: Select the organization that will award CPE credit for the course from the drop-down list (required).

    Note: The selections available in the Category and Type drop-down lists change according to which accountancy you select.

  8. Category: Select a course category (for example, accounting) from the drop-down list (required).
  9. Type: Select the type of course (for example, college credit, self-study, or internet-based group) from the drop-down list (required).
  10. Credits: Enter the number of CPE credits for the course (required).
  11. Location: Enter the location (up to 30 characters) where the course takes place.
  12. Instructor: Enter the name of the instructor (up to 30 characters) delivering the course.
  13. Cost per attendee: Enter the cost per staff member (required).
  14. Staff: Use this field to assign one or more staff members to attend the course. Enter a staff name, or click the More Ellipse button to assign multiple staff members.
  15. Reminder: If you want to set a reminder for the meeting, mark the Reminder checkbox and select the desired reminder time from the drop-down list.
  16. Notes: If you want to include additional information about the course, enter it in the Notes field.
  17. Click the Schedule button to open the Scheduling dialog, where you can view and change course attendees as well as course schedule information.

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