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Standard text can streamline data entry by letting you choose pre-defined text items to insert as comments on invoices, statements, and reports throughout the application.

To open the Standard Text setup screen, choose Setup > Standard Text.

Adding a standard text item

The standard text entries you create are available in comment fields in Time & Expense Entry, Receipt & Adjustment Entry, and the Compose tab of the Detail Billing screen.

To add a standard text item, follow these steps.

  1. On the Standard Text setup screen, click the Add button.
  2. In the ID field, enter a brief ID that will be easy for you and your staff to remember. For example, you may want to identify text describing preparation of individual tax returns as "1040."
  3. In the Description field, enter your text.

Adding variable dates and text prompts

The two buttons above the Description field enable you to enter variable dates and text prompts.

  • You can use variable dates to add dates to standard text items without having to update those items periodically. For example, you could add a variable year-end date to a text item, and Practice CS would insert the appropriate year automatically.

    To use this feature, position the cursor where you want the date to appear and click the Insert Variable Date Calendar button. In the Insert Variable Date dialog, select a date, choose a date format, and click OK. The variable appears between brackets, but will display properly in the comment field.

  • Use text prompts to trigger a prompt for your staff when they select the standard text item. Staff will be prompted to complete the standard text item by entering the information you specify in the prompt. For example, a standard text item could list the tax forms your firm prepared for a client. Your prompt could read "Enter list of forms, separated by commas." A staff member selecting this standard text item will be prompted to enter the forms the firm prepared, and that list will be added to the standard text.

    To use this feature, position the cursor where you want the text prompt to appear and click the Insert Text Prompt Keyboard key button. In the Insert Text Prompt dialog, enter the instructions you want your staff to see. Be sure that the prompt clearly indicates what the staff member should enter. Click OK when finished.

When your staff are entering time, expenses, receipts, or adjustments, they can open the Comment field and select any standard text item from a drop-down list. If you added a text prompt to the standard text item, they will be prompted to complete the item after selecting it.

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