Using the Format Wizard for reports, letters, or labels

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Use the Format Wizard dialog to begin the process of creating a custom report, letter, or label by entering a description for the format and selecting a standard format on which to base the new format. For letters and labels, you will also select a type for the label or letter.

To open the Format Wizard dialog, choose Setup > Custom Formats to open the Custom Formats setup screen, then right-click within the list of formats and choose Add Report or Add Label/Letter from the context menu.

When you click Finish to exit the wizard, the format will open in the designer screen, where you can further customize it.

Main tab

On the main tab, enter a name for your format in the Enter a description for this format field. This is the name that will appear in the list of formats on the Custom Formats screen.

Next, you must select a standard format, on which the new report, letter, or label will be based. Expand the appropriate folder in the left pane of the wizard and click a standard format, which will then populate the Selected standard label/letter/report for this format field.

For labels and letters only, there is a Label/Letter type field. Your selection in this field determines for whom the letter or label can be generated, and it also determines the set of fields that are available for selection from the Fields pane when you design the label or letter. The choices are Client, Contact, Firm, Office, and Staff. For example, if you are creating a letter to be mailed to clients, select Client. If you want to create labels for mailings to your standalone contacts, select Contact.

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