Entering client notes

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Use the Notes tab of the Clients screen to enter any additional information you would like to track for the client.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose Clients.
  2. Select a client from the list.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Click the Notes tab.
  5. In the field provided, enter the information you want to add to the client’s profile. You can click the Add Note button on the Notes toolbar to insert a date and time stamp for your note.

    Note: This tab can share client notes with FileCabinet CS, Fixed Assets CS, and UltraTax CS, if you are licensed for these applications and have data sharing enabled. Each application will have its own subtab on the Practice CS Notes tab. Notes that you enter here will automatically appear in the other applications if you have enabled data sharing. For data sharing to take place, you must:

    • Have data paths entered in the File Locations dialog
    • Have the SSN or EIN entered. If the SSN/EIN is not entered, only the Practice CS tab will appear in the Notes tab.
  6. Use the Notes tab toolbar to edit, format, or delete your note. For a brief description of each toolbar button, pause your mouse pointer over the button to obtain a tool tip.
  7. Click Enter to save your changes.

Note: Information that you enter on this tab also appears in the Client Notes portlet of the Client Dashboard.

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