Approving benefit requests

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If you are designated as the supervisor for a staff member on the Staff setup screen, scheduled benefits requests submitted by that staff member will be routed to you for approval.


  • For access to your staff member’s benefit requests, add the Scheduled Benefit Requests portlet to your Staff Dashboard.
  • Your firm must be licensed for the Staff Management module to use the benefits feature.

To approve scheduled benefit requests, follow these steps.

  1. Open your Staff Dashboard and view the Scheduled Benefit Requests portlet.
  2. Click a request to open it in the Scheduled Benefit dialog.
  3. In the Status field, select Approved (or Denied) from the drop-down list. Note that for approvals, your name and the date are added to the Approved By field.
  4. Click OK to approve (or deny) the request.

The staff member who submitted the request will receive an on-screen and/or email notification advising them whether the request has been approved or denied.

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