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The desktop timer provides another way to track time for a project. This is a smaller version of the timer available in Time & Expense Entry, and the time you record with the desktop timer can easily be transferred to Time & Expense Entry when needed.

To open the desktop timer, right-click the Practice CS icon in your computer’s system tray and choose Desktop Timer from the context menu.



The desktop timer offers two modes. The minimized mode is a small, unobtrusive object that you can drag to any location on your desktop. The timer appears on top of any other applications you have open.

Choose a client from the drop-down list on the left side of the timer, and click the green timer button to start the timer.

Click the red button to stop the desktop timer. The timer can also be restarted.

Click the Maximize button to maximize the desktop timer.

In maximized mode, the desktop timer provides a Sheet Date field, which defaults to either Today’s Date or Most Recent, depending on what is specified for Sheet Date in User Preferences.


  • If you want to run multiple timers simultaneously, choose Setup > User Preferences, click the Time & Expense Entry tab, and mark the Allow simultaneous timers checkbox.
  • The maximized timer can show all running timers for all sheet dates at once.
  • To close the desktop timer, you must first maximize it.

Transferring time to Time & Expense Entry

To transfer recorded time from the desktop timer to Time & Expense Entry, click the Transfer button next to the item you want to transfer, or right-click and choose Create Entries for all Timers from the context menu. You will need to complete the line item in Time & Expense entry by adding engagement and other information not included on the desktop timer.

Note: Once you transfer a timer to Time & Expense Entry, you can see it on the Entry tab of the Time & Expense Entry screen. You can restart and stop the timer from this tab. The timer will not appear on the Overview tab.

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