Billing clients without work-in-process (WIP)

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Normally, to bill a client, you must have entered some work-in-process (WIP). However, there may be some circumstances in which you need to print an invoice and record accounts receivable when no WIP has been entered. To bill a client that does not have WIP, you can either create a progress bill or an adjustment entry.

A progress bill allows you to bill your client before any work has been performed. Practice CS records this progress billing as a negative WIP entry. It is used to track the amount you billed against any future work that will be entered. Once all the work-in-process has been entered, you then close out the progress bill to allocate it to the accumulated WIP.

An adjustment entry allows you to bill your client when no work-in-process has been entered and none will be entered for the work being billed. It creates a positive WIP adjustment for the full amount of the bill, which results in a zero WIP carryover.

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