Relieving a progress bill

Alerts and notices

You can create a manual progress bill in the Summary tab of Detail Billing by clicking the Progress Prgress button button and entering the amount(s). Entering a progress bill creates a negative WIP carryover in Practice CS. When you later return to Detail Billing, you can identify a transaction as a progress bill by noting that the WIP amount is negative.

The method you select to relieve a progress bill depends on whether or not you need to match it against accumulated WIP.

Relieving a progress bill against accumulated WIP

There are several ways that you can relieve open progress bills in Practice CS once you have entered the WIP transactions to which the progress billings will be applied.

Relieving a progress bill when no WIP will be entered

If you have previously created a progress bill for the client, but no WIP has been entered, you can close out the progress bill without entering any WIP.