Practice CS and NetClient CS bill pay walkthrough

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If you are licensed for NetFirm CS, you have the ability to push invoices to your NetClient CS clients. These clients can then pay their invoices from within their secure portal using a credit card. After a client has paid an invoice, Practice CS can retrieve the payment and apply it to the outstanding invoice. This process allows for a paperless workflow and seamless integration.

Requirements to use this feature

Step 1: Enable printing invoices to NetClient CS

  1. Set up your Kotapay account, if you haven't already. You'll need to contact Kotapay; you can fill out this form or call 866.431.9926.
  2. In Practice CS, choose Setup > Firm.
  3. Click the Billing and A/R tab.
  4. Mark the Enable printing invoices to NetClient CS checkbox.
  5. Click the Setup CS Payment Account link.
  6. Log in with your NetStaff CS or CS Payment credentials. If you don't have a CS Payment or NetStaff account, click the Create Account link.


    • CS Payment accounts are free.
    • If you have a NetStaff CS account, you should use that to log in to CS Payment. You won't have a separate CS Payment account.
    • When you create a CS Payment account, you'll receive an account activation email. Once your account is active, come back to this screen in Practice CS and click the Setup CS Payment Account link to sign in.

Step 2: Client setup

  1. Choose Setup > Clients.
  2. Select the client who will pay their invoices online.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Click the Contact Info tab.
  5. Select the Billing Contact.
  6. In the Portal field, select the client's NetClient CS ID.

    If the client doesn't have a portal:

    1. Click Actions > Add Portal.
    2. Click Add a portal for NetClient CS.
    3. The Portal field will update to say Unregistered Portal.
  7. Click the Actions button and select Enable NetClient CS Invoices for <portal ID>.
  8. Click Enter to save your changes.

    Note: If you created a new, unregistered portal, a registration email will be sent to the client.

Step 3: Bill the client

  1. Choose Actions > Billing.
  2. Invoice your client however you like or using your normal billing methods. See Billing methods to read about your invoice options.
  3. Print the finished invoice to NetClient CS. 
    1. Choose either Actions > Billing > Review tab or File > Print Invoices & Statements.
    2. Mark the invoice and click the Print Selected button.
    3. Click Output to NetClient CS
    4. Click OK.

Step 4: Client pays the invoice

Your client will get an email notification about their new invoice with a link to view the invoice in their portal. See Paying an invoice for instructions from the client point of view.

Your client must pay the full amount of the invoice using a single credit card. If they want to make a partial payment or want to pay using mixed payment methods, see Partial payment of NetClient invoice.

Step 5: Retrieve the receipt

After the client pays the invoice, the Portal Administrator will get an email notification.

  1. In Practice CS, choose Actions > Receipt & Adjustment Entry.
  2. Click the Integrated Receipts tab.
  3. Select the invoices to import and click the Accept Selected button.
  4. Once the receipt is accepted, the invoice will be marked as paid in the client's portal.

If the client pays the invoice outside the portal, you'll still need to mark the invoice as paid. See How to mark a NetClient CS invoice as paid.

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