Viewing prior invoices while billing

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When billing online, it is sometimes helpful in making billing decisions to be able to see prior invoices for the client. For example, it may be useful to see the amount billed for last year’s tax return when billing for this year’s return.

Information about prior invoices in Practice CS is available on the Client Dashboard. Access the Client Dashboard for the client you are currently billing by clicking the Dashboard link in Detail Billing.

Note: The Dashboard link is available on all tabs in Detail Billing.

When you click this link, the Client Dashboard opens for the client you are currently billing. Among the many portlets available on the Client Dashboard is one that shows all prior invoices for the client.

You can also select an invoice in the portlet and then right-click it to:

  • Preview the original invoice
  • Print the original invoice
  • Edit the original invoice
  • View and print the detail transactions that were billed on the invoice

Additional information available on the Client Dashboard includes:

  • Client Contact information
  • A/R and WIP Balances and A/R and WIP Aged balances
  • Receipts and A/R Adjustments
  • All unbilled time and expense transactions
  • Unpaid invoices and unapplied receipts
  • Key totals for the current day, period, year, and prior year for production, adjustments, billed, collected, and realization
  • 24 Period History - production, adjustments, billings, and collections for each of the last 24 periods

To return to the Detail Billing screen, close the Client Dashboard by clicking the Close button in the upper right corner.

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