Viewing work-in-process (WIP) that was billed on an invoice

You can view the WIP billed on an invoice using the Invoice Journal report, or on the Review tab of the Billing screen.

Invoice Journal Report

  1. Choose File > Print Reports and select the Invoice Journal, which is listed with the Billing reports.
  2. On the Selection tab, enter the date range of the invoices you wish to view, along with any filters needed to further narrow the selection of invoices that will be included on the report.
  3. On the Layout tab, mark the Include Invoice Detail checkbox. For each invoice, the report will print all of the WIP transactions billed on that invoice.

You can also print the Invoice Journal with WIP detail from the Review tab of the Billing screen.

  1. Click the Journal drop-down in the upper right corner of the screen and select Options. The Options Layout tab opens.
  2. Mark the Include Invoice Detail checkbox.
  3. Click the Journal button again, and the application presents an Invoice Journal report showing all invoices on the Review screen. You can print this report by clicking the printer button in the header of the preview.

If you would like the Invoice Journal with WIP detail to include any comments for transactions, you can instead use a customized version of the journal, Invoice Journal with WIP Comments, which is available from the Practice CS Library portlet. For instructions on how to download custom reports from the Library, see Importing a custom format from the Practice CS Library. Once you have imported the custom format, follow the instructions above, choosing the Invoice Journal with WIP Comments report. If you are printing the report from the Review tab in the Billing screen, click the Journal drop-down and choose Select Report. Then select the Invoice Journal with WIP Comments report from the list.

Billing Review Tab

  1. Choose Actions > Billing > Review tab.
  2. Filter the screen as necessary to show the desired invoices.
  3. Click the Expand button next to any invoice to reveal the WIP transactions that were billed on the invoice.

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