Creative Solutions Practice (CSP) Conversion Options to Practice CS

Alerts and notices

When converting from Creative Solutions Practice (CSP) to Practice CS, you can choose between a Demographic conversion, WIP & AR Balances conversion, and a Historical Data conversion. This topic walks you through the pros and cons of each conversion type.

For more information about each type of conversion, see the Information Kit for Conversions from Creative Solutions Practice.

Key questions to ask when deciding what conversion option will best meet your firm's needs

  • Are all your reporting needs available within your current database setup?
  • Are your reports too detailed at times or too summarized?
  • Have your business processes changed since you implemented your current database structure?
  • Have you encountered data corruption in the past?
  • Did you convert from a previous program into CSP?


We recommend converting only demographic data from CSP to allow your firm the most flexibility in upgrading and optimizing your workflow utilizing the dynamic new features in Practice CS. If your database is not fully living up to your current needs for reporting, your business processes have changed and no longer match your current structure, or you have encountered data issues in the past, the demographic conversion will help you start fresh and make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.

Pros and Cons

Demographic Conversion


  • Conversion can be done in your office, on your schedule.
  • Limited to no downtime for staff.
  • Ability to edit and streamline workflow processes.
  • Ease of setup changes.
  • Maximum control of data in Practice CS.


  • Detail history in separate program.
  • Beginning balances must be entered manually.

WIP & A/R Balances


  • Conversion can be done in your office, on your schedule.
  • Detail open WIP and open A/R transactions.
  • Closed history and non-billable transactions do not convert allowing for some modification of setup screens.


  • Data may not be 1-1 due to necessary changes during conversion to maintain client balances.
  • On average, there is a 1 week down time of your Practice Management software for staff while converted data is verified and setup changes are made to streamline your workflow.
  • Some setup items will not be available for deletion if WIP or A\R transactions are attached to them.
  • More difficult to make workflow modifications.
  • Detailed history in a separate program.

Historical Data


  • All history in one place.
  • Partial historical conversion available. You can choose a cutoff date and only open WIP and A/R is converted from prior to that date. All historical data will be converted from after the cutoff date.


  • Conversion is not available in the firm's office.
  • Conversion appointment is required and data must be sent to Thomson Reuters to convert.
  • There is an associated fee. See your Sales Representative for more information on pricing.
  • Average downtime for staff is two weeks:
    • 1 week for conversion at Thomson Reuters.
    • 1 week for conversion verification and database modifications.
  • Data may not be 1-1 due to necessary changes during the conversion to maintain client balances.
  • Demographic items cannot be deleted if they are associated with WIP and A/R transactions.
  • Very difficult to make workflow modifications.