Practice CS: Exporting Client and Client Contact Information

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Practice CS includes the ability to export data about selected clients and the primary contact associated with each client. The file created by Practice CS is a .XML file which can be read by any program that can import .XML files including Microsoft Excel.


  • Practice CS can export contact information for the primary contact associated with each client only. It cannot export data for additional or standalone contacts.
  • Practice CS can export information for all contacts to Microsoft Outlook. For more information on this feature, see Exporting contacts to Outlook.

The information that will be exported is limited to the following fields:


Client ID



Sort Name

Name 1

Name 2



Start Date

Individual First Name

Individual Last Name

Spouse First Name

Spouse Last Name

Days until Invoice is Due







Primary Phone Type

Business Phone Number

Fax Phone Number

Car Phone Number

Home Phone Number

Primary Address Type

Primary Address line 1

Primary Address line 2

Primary Address City

Primary Address State

Primary Address Zip Code

Primary Address Country

Business Address line 1

Business Address line 2

Business Address City

Business Address State

Business Address Zip Code

Business Address Country

Other Address line 1

Other Address line 2

Other Address City

Other Address State

Other Address Zip Code

Other Address Country

Primary Email

Email Address 1

Email Address 2

Email Address 3

Website URL

To export client and contact information:

  1. Go to File > Export.
  2. Mark the Other checkbox, located at the top of the Export Clients window, for the option titled, "Export Clients To:"
  3. Click the More button More to the right of the blank Other field, and browse to the location which you want to save the file.
  4. Name the file, and verify the Save as type field shows, "XML Data (*.xml)".
  5. Select the clients that you would like to export.
  6. Click Export Selected in the bottom right-corner.

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