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Call code: Customer Service (non-billable)

Thomson Reuters Tax and Accounting Professionals has a Technical Services Team (formerly known as Professional Services) available to perform:

  • select migration and conversion services to assist you in your software implementation
  • custom reporting
  • utility and data management solutions
  • document migrations

Note: Technical Services solutions are available for Accounting CS, AdvanceFlow, GoFileRoom, and Practice CS only.

By taking advantage of these services, you can focus on your customers and save time and money that you would have spent doing these tasks yourself.

A list of available services by product can be found below.

Custom reports and layouts

  • Reports, including reports for accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, workpapers, and some Firm level information.
  • Letters.
  • Check layouts, including accounts payable, payroll and vendors.
  • Accounts receivable forms such as billing invoices, invoices, and statements.

Custom financial statements

  • Variations of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and retained earnings statements.
  • Charts, schedules and other specialized statements can also be requested.
  • Services to streamline statements to be shared across multiple clients including developing standardized Account Grouping codes and subcodes.


  • Workpapers CS to AdvanceFlow document migration: We can extract all of your documents from Workpapers CS and migrate them into your AdvanceFlow database.

Document migrations

  • From non-GoFileRoom sources: Documents can be migrated from any system as long as metadata for the associated file is available within the file path, file name, or a database. The files must be available in a flat file format and not embedded within a proprietary application.
  • From a GoFileRoom source: Documents can be moved from one drawer within GoFileRoom to another drawer within the same GoFileRoom or an external GoFileRoom database.


  • File Importer: This script is a customized solution that can be used to automate the indexing and uploading of documents to GoFileRoom based on criteria within the folder path or file name. It used in conjunction with the FileImporter Utility installed at a firm's location.
  • Custom LookupList query: A custom solution can be written for firms looking to pull additional information from the application other than the client name and client number. Other common fields to pull from a practice management system are: partner, manager, associate, office, client address, client phone, client email, and primary contact.
  • FirmFlow Update utility: A custom utility that can sync FirmFlow folder level fields with your practice management software. An additional option can also allow for syncing of the PIC field.

Custom database updates

  • Information Field update: This service will update information field values within FirmFlow as requested on a one-time basis.
  • Client number re-indexing: This service will renumber clients in the client number index in GoFileRoom, which updates this information in documents, workflows, ClientFlow, and related permissions.
  • Other requests can be considered and performed if feasible, such as configuration changes or updates of fields for staff name or login domain name.

Mass user import

  • GoFileRoom users: Multiple staff and security groups can be added to GoFileroom via information provided by the firm.
  • GoFileroom clients: Multiple clients can be added to GoFileroom via information provided by the firm.

Custom reports

  • One-time report: A one-time report can be generated from GoFileRoom to assist firms with analytical data and is normally provided in a Microsoft Excel file format. Some examples of commonly requested custom reports are: User Document Activity, User report, Workflow Notes, and Local File report.

Technical Services cannot add reports to the report option within the user interface, nor create recurring reports.

Custom solutions

  • A custom solution can be considered for development if it does not require a change to the user interface of the software.
  • A custom solution can be a utility to facilitate communication to and from GoFileRoom.


Training and Consulting:

  • Automation Consulting
  • Getting Started With APIs

PowerBI Dashboard:

  • Tracking Report
  • Other/Custom Scope

Utilities / Apps:

  • GFR User Import PowerApp Template
  • GFR Document Export to Folders PowerApp Template
  • Other/Custom Scope

Custom reports

  • Includes reports generated for lists, production, billing, collection, reconciliation, project management, client management and staff management.
  • Custom invoices, statements, and labels & letters are also available.


  • For any practice management software, we can convert your demographic and/or open balance data through a custom Excel conversion. We will provide you with an Excel template that has been customized with the required fields for you to populate and return to us. Then, we can import the data into a Practice CS database.

Custom database updates

  • Client renumbering: Simply provide us with an Excel spreadsheet with the old and new IDs.
  • Database clean-up: This service can be performed to eliminate unwanted data in the database (some exceptions may apply).
  • Database split: This can be performed to separate data into multiple databases, such as a partner leaving or offices separating.
  • Other scripts can be written to modify data that is already in the database.

Custom utilities

  • A utility can be created outside of Practice CS to manipulate data to make it compatible for import into Practice CS.

Note: A utility functions as a standalone solution and in no way changes the functions within Practice CS.


Power BI Dashboard:

  • Revenue and Collected
  • Document extraction: We can extract and provide you will all of your documents from Workpapers CS. This is typically done so you can store the documents locally, or to manually move to another software, such as AdvanceFlow.

Frequently asked questions

Stop! Contact the Resolver on duty and follow the instructions in Internal: How to request a custom solution from the Technical Services group before providing this article to a customer.

You can contact Technical Services by discussing your custom needs with your Account Representative. Additionally, while working with Technical Support, you may be formally referred to Technical Services if you and the Representative determine a more custom solutions outside the scope of Support is required. The Support Representative will provide the details of your request, along with your contact information, to the appropriate team for follow-up once it's been reviewed.

Alternatively, you can contact Technical Services directly by emailing Please include your name, firm ID, the product for which you're requesting services, and a brief description of the services needed. Feel free to attach any sample documents to your email that will provide us more detail of your request.

Not all requests will been deemed feasible.

Costs are determined by the complexity and time needed to complete a request. If the project request is considered feasible, we will prepare a formal quote for those services, including all the details of the services to be provided, the price, and the date(s) of delivery to your firm.

Yes, additional fees may apply when changes are requested that were not part of the original terms of the signed quote. The Technical Services Consultant will discuss any additional work to be performed including additional fees involved and obtain your firm's approval before the new work is completed. In some cases, a new contract may be needed.

The complexity of the project determines how much time a project will take to complete. Some requests can be completed within a week of receiving a signed contract, however, some more complex projects (such as a large document migration) could take weeks of collaboration between the Technical Services team and your firm. Be sure to let us know about your desired timeline. The project will be completed based on a combination of complexity, the available openings in the Technical Services schedule, and any delivery date(s) (when applicable) included in the formal quote for services provided to you.

In the case of report or statement layouts, these formats are delivered to you for testing in your own environment. You have a 14 day window to confirm that they layouts are working to the specifications provided in the quote.

For more complex projects, like custom utilities or data manipulations, any steps to be taken after the project is delivered will be outlined by your Client Project Manager or Technical Services Consultant or included in the terms of the formal quote.

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