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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
11/19/21 Platform 2021.3.0.3 Notice 11/19/21 2021.3.0.3 Release of v 2021.3.0.3 release of Practice CS

The v 2021.3.0.3 release of Practice CS is tentatively scheduled for release on November 30th 2021. It was released on Virtual Office November 15th 2021.

11/05/21 NetFirm CS N/A Notice 11/05/21 N/A Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

Here are the resources for setting up Multi-Factor Authentication in our Multi-Factor Authentication Overview. If you are having further issues please go to Contact Us with description of your issue and we can assist.

11/04/21 NetFirm CS N/A Notice 11/04/21 N/A Locked accounts and unlock procedure

If you or someone at your firm or a client of your firm is locked out of their account, please go to Contact Us with the logins that require unlock and we will unlock.

11/01/21 Integration N/A Open 11/01/21 N/A GoFileRoom Practice CS Portlet 'My Workflow' giving script errors

We are currently looking into an issue that is causing script errors to occur when accessing the 'My Workflow' portlet within Practice CS Dashboards

10/14/21 MFA N/A Fixed 10/20/21 N/A Multi-factor Authentication Enabled and Apple iOS Devices

Update: We have released an updated version of the Thomson Reuters Authenticator App to the Apple App Store version 3.0.3. Please ensure to navigate to your App Store on your device and install the update which restores the ability to click the green check mark, along with being able to pair new setups of Multi-Factor Authentication. This can be done by opening the App store, searching TR Authenticator, selecting the app, and then selecting update.

09/27/21 Platform N/A Fixed 10/01/21 Fixed Thomson Reuters Authenticator App not available for download on Android Phones currently

Resolved as of 10/1/2021: The TR Authenticator App is available in the Google Play store at this time.

We do apologize but the Thomson Reuters Authenticator application is not currently available to be downloaded for Android Phones. We are working closely with Google to restore this as quickly as possible.

Note: This is not affecting iPhones or Android Phones that have the application currently installed.

Workaround:  Visit the install page on your device browser to download the Android app:

Note: You may expierence slowness downloading the app from the above link. If you leave it open it will download. 

09/30/20 Platform N/A Notice 09/30/20 Notice Removal of reCAPTCHA

Thomson Reuters utilizes current security best practices as part of our commitment to our customers. Along with many in the industry, including current IRS Safeguards, we rely on the National Institute of Standards & Technology (“NIST”) for security policies and practices. Due to recent changes to the IRS Trusted Customer Requirements for 2021, Thomson Reuters has removed the use of reCAPTCHA in the login process for Onvio, NetFirm CS, NetClient CS and CS Professional Suite desktop products effective 10/01/2020. In addition Thomson Reuters has already instituted support for multi-factor authentication, an IRS requirement that all tax software providers must be in compliance with by 2021. To learn more about the importance of MFA, please visit our website.

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