Changing periods

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Use the Change Periods dialog to advance to the next period, to reopen a previous period, or to edit the current period or year.

Note: The ability to change periods can be restricted by using security groups.

  1. Choose Actions > Change Periods to open the Change Periods dialog.
  2. Click the applicable option.
    • Create new period — Click this option to create a new period. By default, the new period begins on the day following the current period’s end date. If necessary, edit the ending date of the next period.

      When the new period extends beyond the end of the current year, an additional line appears, enabling you to specify the dates for the new year.
    • Reopen period — Click this option and enter the dates for the period you want to reopen.
    • Edit current period — Click this option to change the dates of the current period or year. Use the appropriate fields to make your changes.
  3. Click OK to confirm the updated period dates.
  4. You will be prompted with the message "You are about to create a new period. Doing so will make the current period date range permanent. Do you want to save the changes?" This message is to inform you that once you create the new period, you will not be able to change the dates on any previous period.
    • If you are sure that you want to keep the new period dates you entered, click Yes.
    • If you are not sure, click Cancel, correct the dates if necessary, and then click OK. At the prompt, click Yes to confirm your changes.

Note: The new period is now in effect for all staff but will not be reflected on their screens until they log out and log back in to Practice CS.

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