Scheduling a backup of your data

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Use the Scheduled Backup dialog to schedule a backup of your firm’s database.

Note: At the time of the scheduled backup, Practice CS does not need to be running, and staff do not have to be logged out of Practice CS for the backup to run.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose System Configuration > Scheduled Backup.

    Note: To schedule a backup with this procedure, you must have security permission to back up the firm database and to the Setup > System Configuration menu command. If you do not have access to this menu command, choose File > Backup, and click the Schedule a recurring backup link in the Backup Firm dialog.

  2. In the Scheduled Backup dialog, mark the Schedule backups to occur checkbox.
  3. Select a frequency from the drop-down list. You can select Daily, or select a specific day of the week.
  4. Click the Up/Down arrow buttons to select a time of day for the backup.
  5. Enter a path for the backup file location, or click the More More button button to navigate to the location. This backup path must be a valid backup path on the SQL server.
  6. In the User name and Password fields, enter a Windows account user name and password that have rights on the SQL server to created Windows Scheduled Tasks.
  7. Click OK to save your scheduled backup information.


  • Practice CS will keep up to 11 scheduled backup files. The most recent backup file is called Backup.BDF. The next oldest will be named BackupArchive001.BDF, then BackupArchive002.BDF, and so on, through BackupArchive010.BDF. The oldest of the 11 backup files is deleted whenever the newest one is created.
  • If your firm has multiple databases, you should not specify the same backup file destination for both scheduled backups. Doing so will limit the number of archived backups of each database retained, if they are scheduled for different times. If they are scheduled to be backed up at the same time with the same destination, only one database will be backed up successfully.

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