Entering time and expense transactions remotely

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After you have successfully prepared for remote entry, either by creating a remote entry firm directly or by importing the XML data file, you are ready to enter transactions in Practice CS.

Follow these steps to enter time and expenses on a remote computer.

  1. Start Practice CS and log in to your remote entry firm. The remote entry firm appears in your list of firms with "<Remote Entry>" in the firm name.

    Note: If your firm uses Practice CS security, you must use your password to access your remote entry firm database.

  2. If prompted to update the remote entry firm, click Yes.

    Practice CS opens to the Time & Expense Entry screen. The Remote Entry interface is a stripped-down version of the normal Practice CS interface, providing only certain staff-related features such as time and expense entry, staff calendar, user preferences, and integration with Microsoft Outlook mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

  3. Click the Entry tab, if necessary.
  4. Enter a sheet date.
  5. Enter time and expense transactions as you normally would when using the firm database at the office. The remote entry database that you created or imported earlier provides the lists from which you can select clients, engagements, and activities.

Note: If your firm is licensed for the Project Management module, you can select projects and tasks in Remote Entry, but you cannot modify them.

When you are ready to transmit entries back to the office, follow the instructions in Transmitting remotely entered transactions.

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