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The Client Dashboard enables you to aggregate information about each of your clients onto a single screen using portlets. Within this dashboard, you can view a client's contact information, email messages to and from the client, documents stored for the client in FileCabinet CS, Key Totals, Agings, WIP and A/R Recaps, and other information.

To open the Client Dashboard, choose View > Client Dashboard.

You can view a dashboard for any of your clients. Click the Down arrow button button next to the field at the top of the dashboard and select a client from the list.


  • To view messages from a client in the Outlook Mail portlet, you must use Microsoft Outlook as your mail client. Practice CS searches your sent box and inbox for appropriate messages. You must also properly set up the contact record(s) for each client contact whose messages you want to view in the Outlook Mail portlet. For more information on setting up client contacts to display in this portlet, see Entering client contact information or Setting up a contact.
  • To view documents stored for the client in FileCabinet CS, you must be licensed for FileCabinet CS and have stored documents for the client using the same ID used for the client in Practice CS.
  • For clients that are "parent clients" in client families, an Include Client family data checkbox appears at the top of the dashboard. Mark this checkbox to include data from all clients in the client family. The state of this checkbox is saved for future sessions of Practice CS.
  • The Client Dashboard is a user-defined terminology screen. Your firm may refer to it by a different name. You can view the default names for user-defined items by choosing Help > Enable Default Terminology (or by pressing CTRL+Shift+H).

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