Changing project due dates because of COVID-19 tax extension

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Individual tax filing deadlines for Federal returns and many state returns have been adjusted due to Notice 2020-18 (COVID-19) relief for federal extension of time to file and pay. In Practice CS, you can perform mass updates to the due dates for your firm's projects using the following steps.

Changing due dates on multiple projects

  1. Choose Actions > Manage Projects.
  2. Select multiple projects. Press and hold the SHIFT or CTRL key and use the mouse pointer to make your selections.

    Select only the projects for which you want to specify the same new due date.

  3. Right-click and choose Edit Selected Projects.
  4. Leave the Change Project information option selected and click Next.
  5. Open the first drop-down list at the top of the dialog and select the Current Due Date field. 
  6. In the second drop-down list, choose the new due date to apply to all selected projects.
  7. Click Finish, and then click Yes on the confirmation dialog.


  • For projects with target dates based on the project's due date, you will be prompted to move the target dates with the due date. To confirm this action for all selected projects, mark the Do this for all Projects box before continuing.
  • For projects with target dates based on the Received date, you can move target dates at the same time as the due dates using the procedure above. Click the Plus button at the end of the row to add a new row, where you can select another field to change.

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