Accounts Receivable Summary report

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The Accounts Receivable Summary report gives you the status of your accounts receivable. The report combines both A/R aging and recap.

To view and print the Accounts Receivable Summary report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports screen, click Accounts Receivable Summary in the available reports pane and then click the Select button.

This report includes the following information for the date range that you specify:

  • ID, Name/Description: ID and names of the items you have selected for grouping the report
  • Beg Bal: A/R balance on the first day of the specified report date range
  • Invoices: Total invoiced amount of invoices with a date in the report date range
  • Receipts: Total amount of receipts with a date in the report date range
  • Svc Chg: Total service charges assessed
  • Adj: Total adjustments
  • Aging periods: How many periods old the owed amounts are

    Note: Because not all months have 30 days, A/R agings are based on period as defined by your firm. On this report, agings are based on the date of the open A/R items as of the end of the day on the last day of the report date range.

  • End Bal: Ending balance for the date range specified on the report. Ending balance = beginning balance + invoices - receipts + service charges + adjustments.

The Layout tab for this report includes two checkboxes to help refine the report output.

  • Mark the Exclude Clients with a zero ending balance checkbox to limit the report to those clients who had balances at the end of the specified period.
  • Mark the Include Open Items Detail checkbox to include invoice detail for client balances.

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