Client Investment Analysis report

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The Client Investment Analysis report shows both WIP and A/R aging to help identify unbilled WIP and uncollected receivables that the firm is at risk of losing. You can use filters, date ranges, and client-based groupings to customize the report results.

To view and print the Client Investment Analysis report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports screen, click Client Investment Analysis in the available reports pane and then click the Select button.

  • ID, Name/Description: ID and names of the items you have selected for grouping the report
  • End Bal: Total of all unbilled WIP or uncollected receivables for the displayed client
  • Total Exposure: Total of all A/R and WIP aging groups
  • %: Total WIP or A/R divided by the Total WIP or A/R for all clients
  • Last Invoice/Pmt Date: The date of the last invoice (invoice date) for the displayed client, and the last date of receipt for that client
  • Last Invoice/Pmt Amount: The amount of the last invoice for the displayed client, and the last receipt amount for that client

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