Clients / Prospects Lost report

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The Clients/Prospects Lost report is a Client Management report that provides a list of clients or prospects that have been "lost" by your firm. This report enables you to track the reasons clients leave and the competitors (such as other firms or applications) they go to instead, so you can explore ways to retain existing clients and turn prospects into clients.

Note: This report is available only if your firm is licensed for the Client Management module.

To view and print the Clients/Prospects Lost report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports screen, click Clients/Prospects Lost in the available reports pane and click the Select button.

This report includes the following information:

  • ID: The client ID
  • Sort Name: The client name entered in the Sort field on the Clients setup screen
  • Office: Your firm’s office that is responsible for the client
  • Partner: The partner responsible for the client
  • Start Date: The date the client started doing business with your firm
  • Lost Date: The date the client left your firm
  • Loss Reason: The reason the client chose to leave your firm
  • Lost To: The competitor or other entity to whom the client went upon leaving your firm

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