Clients Won report

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The Clients Won report is a Client Management report that provides a list of clients that your firm "won." The report enables you to track the reasons that your firm is winning clients, and who referred clients to your firm.

Note: This report is available only if your firm is licensed for the Client Management module.

To view and print the Clients Won report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports screen, click Clients Won in the available reports pane and click the Select button.

This report includes the following information:

  • ID: The client ID
  • Sort Name: The client name entered in the Sort field on the Clients setup screen
  • Office: Your firm’s office that is responsible for the client
  • Partner: The partner responsible for the client
  • Won Date: The date your firm "won" the client
  • Won Reason: The reason the client chose to do business with your firm
  • Referred By: Who or what referred the client to your firm (such as a client or advertisement)

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