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The Collection Summary report provides a summary of receipts collected, how they were applied (invoices, debit memos, service charges, or unapplied), and average number of days to collection, to help you determine a client’s payment habits.

To view and print the Collection Summary report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports screen, click Collection Summary in the available reports pane and then click the Select button.

This report includes the following information for the date range that you specify.

  • ID, Name/Description: ID and names of the items you have selected for grouping the report
  • Collected Amount: The total amount collected (total of receipts and non sufficient funds entries) in the date range specified in the Detail line field of the Report Options
  • Application: Columns in this area show the portion of the Collected Amount that was applied to invoices, debit memos, services charges, and/or unapplied
  • Avg Days To Collect: Average of the number of days between the invoice date and the receipt that is applied to it
Example 1
Receipt / date Invoice / date Number of days
5/31: 500.00 4/30: 500.00 31
5/31: 250.00 3/31: 250.00 61
5/31: 250.00 2/28: 250.00 92
Total average days to collection: 61
Example 2: partial payment
Receipt / date Invoice / date Number of days
5/31: 100.00
6/30: 900.00
4/30: 1000.00 31
If the date range
in the Detail line
of Report Options is:
5/1–6/30 Total average days to collection: 46
6/1–6/30 Total average days to collection: 61
5/1–5/31 Total average days to collection: 31

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