Setting up custom fields

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Note: The Custom Fields screens are user-defined terminology screens. Your firm may refer to them by different names. You can view the default names for user-defined items by choosing Help > Enable Default Terminology (or by pressing CTRL+Shift+H).

To create custom fields, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Custom Fields, and then choose the menu command for the type of custom field you want to create.

    Note: If you are licensed for the Project Management, Client Management, or Staff management module, you can also add custom fields to the items for which you are licensed by right-clicking the Custom Fields tab and choosing Add Custom Field from the context menu. These items can include a project, task, note, phone call, phone message, scheduled phone call, scheduled benefit, meeting, to-do item, or CPE course, depending on your licensing.

  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Enter a description for the field in the Description field.
  4. Choose a field type from the list in the Type field:
    • Check Box: creates a checkbox field. The resulting checkbox is unmarked by default.
    • Date: creates a date field. A date can be entered into this field manually or selected from a calendar attached to the field.
    • List: creates a field in which the user selects an option from a drop-down list. You can also customize the items that appear in the list.
    • Number: creates an entry field that accepts only numerals and decimal points. An entry can be made manually or via a calculator attached to the field.
    • Staff List: creates a field in which a staff member selects a name from a list of all active staff within your firm.
    • Text: creates a text-entry field. The field can contain up to 4000 characters.
  5. If you chose a Text or List field, an additional step is required:
    • For a Text field, specify the maximum field length (from one to four thousand characters) in the Length (1-4000): field.
    • For a List field, click the More Ellipse button next to the List Items field and add list items using the Custom Groupings dialog. See Creating list entries for custom fields for more information.
  6. Use the Sort (1 - 6) field to indicate where in the list of custom fields you want the current field to appear. The field with sort order 1 will appear first, followed by the field with sort order 2, and so on.
  7. Click Enter to save your changes.

Note: To edit custom fields, click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, make the desired changes, and click Enter.

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