Understanding multi-office security

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If your firm has multiple offices, you can restrict what your staff has access to, based on their office, in various areas of Practice CS. Access is determined by the office assigned to the staff, client, and engagement (when applicable).

Office is not a required field in Practice CS. When staff members are not assigned to a specific office, they will have access to everything in the application unless restricted by other security settings. Therefore, if you plan to implement office-related security in your firm, it is important to make sure that staff members are assigned to offices. Also, when clients or engagements are not assigned to offices, all staff members who have access to clients and/or engagements will have access to the unassigned clients and/or engagements and their data.

To enable office-related security, begin by:

  • Assigning each staff member to an office (Setup > Staff)
  • Assigning each client to an office (Setup > Clients)
  • Assigning each engagement to an office (Setup > Clients > Engagements tab)
  • Creating security groups based on staff roles and workflow


  • For a list of areas that can be controlled by multi-office security, see Areas affected by multi-office security settings.
  • When adding or modifying a security group, enabling privileges for certain items may automatically trigger other items to be enabled. For more information on related security privileges, see More about security privileges.
  • You can add or edit offices for multiple staff, clients, or engagements at a time by using Edit multiple Staff or Edit multiple Clients.
  • The default office for a new client is the office of the staff member who enters the client in Practice CS, but you can select a different office if necessary.
  • You do not need to mark any of the office-related security checkboxes if your firm does not have multiple offices, or does not wish to restrict access by office. Any security groups that your firm has previously set up are not affected by the addition of office-related security to Practice CS. If needed, you can edit existing security groups to restrict access by office.

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